ABOUT plusbaby

We are two event-loving doctor mums with 4 children under the age of 5 between us!


In a society that is increasingly accepting the presence of nursing mothers and accommodating parents with young babies out and about, we feel the professional world isn’t quite keeping up.

Our aim is to provide regular infant friendly CPD events for doctors (#CPDbabies) and to bring babies to the boardroom (with #Boardroombabies).


We believe bringing together likeminded people that are facing similar professional challenges alongside the life changing event of becoming a parent can only be a good thing.

Claudia & Maryame

Commonly asked questions about CPDbabies (for HCPs) :
Is the conference CPD approved?

The GMC clearly states that for the purposes of annual appraisal they do not endorse or accredit particular CPD activities and nor do they hold lists of CPD providers. The purpose of CPD is to help improve safety and quality of care and your CPD activities should be shaped by assessments of both your professional needs and the needs of the service and the people who use it. (Full guidance can be found here)

Your CPD activities should take account of the domains and attributes in the Framework. But you don’t have to match your CPD against every element of the Framework. The domains are:

  1. knowledge, skills and performance

  2. safety and quality

  3. communication, partnership and teamwork

  4. maintaining trust.

Our events are a mix of educational lectures and networking with other healthcare professionals, so can be reflected upon to cover any (if not all) of the above 4 domains. (If you have further questions about this, don't hesitate to contact us.)

What if I miss some of the lecture because I am distracted by my baby?

We believe that catching 85% or 50% of a lecture is better than the 0% if you were sat at home. You also do not have to bring your baby with you, it is entirely your choice. However should you wish to, it will be as comfortable an experience as we can make it!

PLUSbaby is about more than the educational element. It is about getting a group of parents together that are facing similar challenges as well as achievements and all sharing in the experience.

See a few of the photos from our previous events here!

Do I have to be on parental leave to attend?

No, anyone is able to attend PLUSbaby however this conference is for those with babes in arms (non-walking babies under the age of 12 months) as currently we do not have a venue large enough to accommodate mobile children.


(Although watch this space! We hope to have a mobile crèche in future!)

Can my older child come too?

We are happy to discuss this further so don’t be shy to send us an e-mail. 

Why not arrange childcare and attend conferences without your baby?

We get asked this a lot! The answer is simple. Many parents either don’t wish to use childcare or don’t have it readily available. PLUSbaby makes the decision to attend easier for those parents.

If you wish to come without your baby then you are very welcome to attend too. The lectures are incredibly interesting for us as professionals and parents alike.

It isn’t very professional to have your baby at a conference

We hear this too often. This opinion favours nobody and only serves to exclude a significant proportion of professionals.

We strongly feel it is entirely your decision as a parent if you wish to bring your baby anywhere, whether it be a supermarket or a conference.

Feel free to throw any questions our way via our contact page.

Claudia & Maryame